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Traditional ravioli

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Pumpkin ravioli

Fresh filled pasta

With one of the most traditional fillings, pumpkin ravioli envelop the palate with their sweetness and are also easy on the eyes thanks to their pleasant orange colour.

Quadrati with meat

Fresh filled pasta

Quadrati (square) ravioli with meat filling, a perfect first course that can be dressed with a special sauce to suit your taste.

Quadrucci with meat

Fresh filled pasta

Meat quadrucci is a small, versatile format that is also popular with children. Perfect in broth or with a classic dressing such as a tomato sauce.

Ravioli with chestnuts

Fresh filled pasta

The enveloping flavour of the chestnut ravioli filling immediately brings to mind crisp autumn days. A unique dish, appreciated by the most sophisticated connoisseurs.

Ravioli with citrus fruits

Fresh filled pasta

Ravioli with citrus fruits is ideal for those who love fresh flavours and are constantly experimenting. With every bite, they are reminiscent of summer and the beautiful landscapes of southern Italy, thanks in part to the two-coloured pasta.

Ravioli with lake fish

Fresh filled pasta

Lake fish ravioli is a pleasant variation of the more classic fillings. The fish used comes from Lake Como and makes this product a true local delicacy.

Ravioli with mushrooms

Fresh filled pasta

Mushroom ravioli is particularly popular with those who enjoy more traditional flavours. Ideal in colder seasons, it can be surprising when combined with an unusual condiment.

Ricotta and spinaci ravioli

Fresh filled pasta

Ricotta and spinach ravioli is one of the most popular classics. The delicate combination of its filling pleases everyone and goes perfectly with a variety of condiments, from the lightest to the tastiest.

Smoked salmon margherite

Fresh filled pasta

The filling of this smoked salmon margherite is reminiscent of the flavours of the North. A sensory journey through taste, without leaving the table.

Speck ham and radicchio ravioli

Fresh filled pasta

A traditional flavour combination that never gets old. Speck ham and radicchio ravioli takes you on a journey to the high Alpine peaks of the Triveneto with every taste.

Tomato and mozzarella margherite

Fresh filled pasta

This margherite brings the most classic of fillings to the table. The combination of tomatoes and mozzarella cheese epitomises Italian tradition.

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