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Traditional ravioli

The classic ravioli of the Italian pasta-making tradition. The best known and most popular shapes and fillings, with a pinch of creativity!

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Artichoke ravioli

Fresh filled pasta

These artichoke ravioli offer a fresh and unique flavour. Particularly suitable for the summer season, it gives you carte blanche to choose the most suitable seasoning.

Braised ravioli

Fresh filled pasta

Ravioli with braised meat is one of Italy’s traditional regional dishes. The strong flavour of the filling is always appreciated even by the most demanding connoisseurs.

Bresaola and rucola ravioli

Fresh filled pasta

Ravioli stuffed with bresaola and rocket combine two very distinctive flavours, creating a fresh and unassuming combination for a cheerful and colourful dish.

Burratina cheese ravioli

Fresh filled pasta

The ravioli with burratina caress the palate with every mouthful thanks to the soft filling. This traditional, peasant dish will both amaze and satisfy you with its simplicity.

cacio e pepe (cheese and pepper) margherite

Fresh filled pasta

These cacio e pepe margherite recall one of the most famous dishes of Roman cuisine. A strong flavour for those who want to offer a classic taste in an innovative format.

Cappelletti with meat

Fresh filled pasta

A typical Italian dish, it is one of the best-loved classics. This meat cappelletti is perfect consumed in broth or with delicious condiments.

Cappelletti with prosciutto crudo (cured ham)

Fresh filled pasta

A typical Italian dish, it is one of the best-loved classics. Cappelletti with prosciutto crudo is perfect eaten in broth or with tasty condiments.

Caramelised onion and goat’s cheese ravioli

Fresh filled pasta

This caramelised onion and goat’s cheese ravioli offers a balanced and surprising mix, thanks to the sweet flavour of the onion combined with the goat’s cheese, which brings a hint of acidity and freshness to the taste.


Fresh filled pasta

Casoncelli is one of the main dishes of the Bergamo culinary tradition, perfect for those who love local flavours.

Cheese margherite

Fresh filled pasta

The mix of cheeses in the filling of the margherite is bold and will please those with a taste for more unusual flavours.

Margherite valtellinesi

Fresh filled pasta

Margherite alla Valtellinesi captures the essence of Valtellina thanks to the buckwheat dough and the filling made from Bitto PDO cheese.


Fresh filled pasta

The famous Pizzoccheri alla Valtellinesi takes the form of a buckwheat pasta ravioli made with all the well-known main ingredients.

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